A portrait of the people of these United States — a country where a sixth of all Americans will soon be foreign born, where a majority of children will soon be of color and where one in seven marriages are already multi-ethnic or multi-racial
Meet the Architect Behind The National Museum of African American History
Overnight Success Made Her a New Star For the Trans Community
‘Hamilton’ Star: “If You Don’t Recognize Your Power, You Don’t Have It”
Sa Dancer Turned Fitness Entrepreneur
Meet the Internet’s Truth-Telling Economist
The Executive Producer with a Fresh Perspective
This Small-Business Owner Goes Global on Sweet, Sour and Salty
Helping Immigrants Establish Good Credit
24-Year-Old Rape Survivor Is Pushing Congress to Pass Sexual Assault Survivor Bill of Rights
Star of Atlanta Doesn’t Care What You Think Anymore
The New York City Principal Breaking Boundaries One Bite at a Time
A Leading Force in Fashion’s New Guard
Helping First-Generation Latino Students Get into College
Meet the Midwestern Chef With Mexican Roots
A 26-Year-old Looks to the Past for Her Literary Debut
Meet Star Trek’s New Warrior
Rich and Pretty Author Mines Life for Inspiration
Former G.I. and Police Officer Becomes a Leading Actor
An Influencer from the African Diaspora Who Started an American Movement
Meet Netflix’s Latest Breakout Star
Meet the Frenchman Living His Dreams in the NFL
San Antonio Elects Its First Black Woman Mayor
Here’s the Motor City’s Hottest Designer: ‘Détroit Is the New Black’
‘The Race Thing Is a Smoke Screen’
Meet the Apple Executive Behind Your Favorite Music
Baseball’s Newest Caribbean Star
Being a Woman of Color in Hollywood
Star Trek Beyond’s Mr. Spock Gets Used to Being an Icon
Meet the First Hispanic Republican Female Governor
This Iranian-Born Actress Is Changing the Acting World
Ai-jen Poo Wants to Make You See Invisible People
Black Sails Actress Wants to Soar

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